Since 1992, John Mansfield Law has assisted thousands of people successfully navigate their way through the American legal system. With offices in Temecula, CA and Cary, NC, our practice is ready to serve!

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    Immigration Law

    The John Mansfield Law is a professional law firm specializing in immigration law.  We understand that the immigration process can be confusing and complex.  We strive to provide answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems. With offices in Temecula, California and Cary, North Carolina, we serve you where you are.

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    Criminal Defense

     Theft crimes, domestic violence, and other crimes. We go to court with you,  and sometimes can go without you needing to appear. Even if you already have a conviction, we may be able to go back into court and undo your plea, so you can receive a fair process, if your rights were violated. We also analyze immigration consequences of criminal convictions, if applicable. Serving you with offices in Cary, North Carolina and Temecula, California, our attorneys are ready to protect you.

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    Traffic Matters

    Traffic tickets, traffic court, fines, failure to appear; all of these seemingly minor annoyances, can escalate to a major problem if you don’t take care of them the right way, right away. Our law offices are located in Temecula, California and Cary, North Carolina; we are ready to serve you.

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    Family Law & Divorce

    Are you intimidated by courts, judges, and the legal system? It can be frustrating if you don’t know your way around and how the system works. Have an experienced and aggressive  professional on your side. Don’t assume you know how things work. Chances are, the courts look at your circumstances much differently than you think they will. Find out ahead of time what to expect, so you have your best chance of getting what is fair. If you are located in the Southern California area of San Diego or in the Piedmont section of North Carolina, near Cary, we can help you.


    We can help you with:

            Legal Separation and dissolution of marriage

            Child custody, visitation, Child support,  spousal support

            Restraining orders

            Property division

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    Business Law

    Business law – we set up corporations, LLCs, and all other types of businesses. You need protection and we can help. Whether you are setting up a business in San Diego/Temecula, California, or Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Cary in North Carolina we are experts in the specific laws of both states.

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    Human Rights And International Law

     Human rights are all of our rights.  At JML, we offer representation in cases of discrimination, persecution, illegal governmental action, and LGBT advocacy, ensuring that the rights of everyone are respected equally and without exception. Both North Carolina and California have laws that will be specific to you and your case. Let the experts at JML take your case and handle it the right way.