International Clients

Your International Attorneys

iStock_000003190754SmallThe Mansfield Law Group  has successfully represented clients from the United States, as well as International countries, such as France, Afghanistan, Serbia, England, Italy, El Salvador, Mexico, Somalia, and many other locations with knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced legal advocacy.

Though International clients contact us primarily interested in Immigration representation, our Attorneys have helped International clients with Human Rights and International law advocacy as well, so that the transition to the United States is as easy as possible.

At the Mansfield Law Group, we understand that the United States legal system can be complex and confusing.  Whether filing an Immigration application with USCIS or appearing before a Judge in court, the Attorneys from the Mansfield Law Group will be with you every step of the way.  Contact the Mansfield Law Group today to begin the process of fixing your legal issues.

The Mansfield Law Group is based in Riverside County, California, though our clients come from all over the United States and from many international locations.  Contact us today at (951) 808-3630 or (919) 926-9050.

The Mansfield Law Group proudly serves international clients from anywhere in the world with the latest communications technology.  Distance is never a problem, and you will be served with the same professionalism, passionate advocacy, and personal representation as our U.S. based clients.