Legal Services Offered

At John Mansfield Law, our services include advocacy for immigration cases, criminal and civil issues, and human rights.  To find out more, please click on one of the descriptions below to visit your page of interest.

Criminal Defense

Being accused of committing a crime can be very frightening.  At MLG, we lessen your fears by explaining the system to you, and address your concerns, guiding and representing you through the process to protect your freedom.  Some of our more common areas of criminal representation include:

  • DUI Defense
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Drug Related Crimes

Human Rights and International Law

Human rights are all of our rights.  At John Mansfield Law, we offer representation in cases of discrimination, persecution, illegal governmental action, and LGBT advocacy, ensuring that the rights of everyone are respected equally and without exception.

Immigration and Nationality Law

Whether you want to work, visit, study, or live in the United States, John Mansfield Law can help you reach your goals.  Our firm began as an immigration practice, and we continue to take pride in our record of success and a solid base of knowledge and experience.  Click on any of the following links to learn more about your immigration options.