Human Rights And International Law


Human rights are all of our rights.  At John Mansfield Law, we offer representation in cases of discrimination, persecution, illegal governmental action, and LGBT advocacy, ensuring that the rights of everyone are respected equally and without exception.

Domestic issues, involving discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability, often trigger civil rights complaints and litigation. John Mansfield Law is dedicated to the premise that everyone should enjoy equality before the law and within society.  If you have experienced this, or other types of discrimination, contact us so we can evaluate your case for possible human or civil rights violations.

In addition to our domestic law advocacy, John Mansfield Law also offers representation in cases where International Laws are at issue.  Cases such as these may involve violations of human rights, such as the freedom of religion, association, property or political rights in foreign countries by foreign nations or international corporations.  Under the right circumstances, these foreign countries or international corporations may be compelled to appear in U.S. courts, extending the reach of justice where internationally accepted norms of law have been violated.  For more information about whether your case qualifies for such representation, click here to send us your question, or call us at (951) 808-3630.